How to permanently delete Facebook account

Do you real Want To Delete Your Facebook Account?

Once you delete your Facebook account all your Facebook information will be gone forever.
All your data, all your photos, friend list, everything, gone! All the photos, comments, messages, items in your profile, friends you've made, everything, will all be deleted for good.

Are you really prepared to do this?

So You've Decided To Delete Your Facebook Account... 

If you are not sure, you can temporally deactivate your account by READING HERE

If you're really, really sure you want to delete your Facebook account and everything in it.

Here's how (use this with caution):

1. Login to the Facebook account you want to delete by going to

2. Go to the Delete Facebook Account page by clicking the link to delete Facebook page below:

3. Click "Delete My Account" and Follow the instructions.

4. It's rumored that you will be able to change your mind for 2 weeks by just logging back into Facebook.

5. If you don't log back in after 2 weeks your account and all it's information will be deleted. Everything will be gone.

How to delete photo on Facebook

Do you wish to delete the photo you uploaded on Facebook?
If the answer is yes, this article will help you since it take only one minute, don't forget to like and share.

To delete your photo on Facebook, follow the following steps with illustrations:

1. Login to your Facebook account on

2. Click on the Photo you wish to delete and the photo will be opened as shown below:

3. Hover on the bottom of the photo and you will see "OPTIONS" click and select Delete this photo as shown in the picture below:

You will be asked "Are you sure you want to delete this photo"? You will just click YES and your photo will be deleted.

How to delete Facebook Photo Album

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This article shows you how to delete photo album on Facebook,

Follow these steps;

1. Login to your account

2. Navigate to Photos menu on left sidebar, or click photos on Favorites menu if you are in your profile.

3. You will see 3 menus, two of them written "Your Photos", "Albums". Just click on albums, You will be taken to your albums where you will click the name of the album you want to delete as shown below

4. Click the album you wish to delete

5. Click The ENGINE icon on top right corner

Then in the DROP menu, Select Delete album, click that and you will be prompted to confirm your action, just click DELETE ALBUM and your album will be deleted.


Due to to the updates made by facebook, you can follow this steps to delete your album.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Go to photos menu, by clicking PHOTOS while on your Facebook timeline.

3. On photos page, you will see "Your Photos", and "Album", just click on album.

4. You will see the list of all your albums, select the album you wish to delete by clicking on it.

5. Then at top left of your album, you will see the 4 buttons, the last one with "gear/settings" icon, just click it as shown in screenshot below.

6. After clicking that icon you will see delete album.

How to deactivate Facebook account

This post is about how to temporally deactivate your Facebook Account. 

Inshot, you can use this direct link which will take you to Facebook deactivation page and then follow the instructions you will be given:

Otherwise, use these steps to deactivate your account:

Step 1:
Log into Facebook. In the upper right corner on your home page, click the "Engine" icon. Then click "Account Settings." On the left side of screen, click "Security." Scroll down the page and click "Deactivate account".

 Step 2:
You will be taken to the page that will ask, "Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?" You will see a group of your friends appear in very large photos, enticing you to remain. Confirm that you are sure by clicking the appropriate button.

Step 3:
Check the box to describe why you are deactivating

Step 4: Check the box for "Email opt out." Doing this lets you opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook. If you don't select this, your friends can still invite you to events, tag you in photos or ask you to join groups. Opting out prevents them from sending emails and notifications anymore.

Step 5: Press the "deactivate" button. Your account will now be "hidden" from other viewers on Facebook. However, you will re-activate your account any time you login again to Facebook.

How to unblock someone on Facebook

If you want to unblock someone you have blocked on Facebook do the following easy and simple steps.

Go to facebook blocking page by clicking the direct link below: 

Then look at Block Users, you will see the list of Friends you have blocked.
Click the x next to name and unblock the user you want to unblock on Facebook.

Remember, once you block user, they are automatically removed from your friends list.  So if you want that user to be your friend again, you will be needed to send the friend request to him/her